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Mimic Wrinkle Removal
     Today, removal of mimic wrinkles and gaining young look can most effectively be reached without surgical treatment, with no scars by application of type “A” Botulinum toxin (Botox/Dysport). This is one of the necessary modern elements of skin care.
   Mimic wrinkles are those on the root of the nose, outer corners of eyes (so called “crow’s feet ”), and forehead. Their appearance is not always depended on the age. The first mimic wrinkles usually start forming at a young age due to constantly repeated emotional expression and increased activity of certain muscles.
   Type “A” Botulinum toxin is a purified natural protein, the actual effect of which consists of blockage of nerve-endings; the muscle is de-nerved and no nerve impulses can affect the area. It is practically “numb” that causes correction of a mimic wrinkle. Although over time the muscle does regain its nerve impulses. The effect of botulinum toxin is not permanent.
   If you are looking for a painless, fast and extremely effective method, which will guarantee you a long-term result and maximum “dryness”, BOTOX or DYSPORT are the injections you need!
   BOTOX and DYSPORT are different trademarks of the same drug (preparation) – type “A” Botulinum Toxin. Clinic “Esthetic Service” uses both preparations – Botox produced by ALLERGAN (USA) and Dysport produced by BEAUFOUR IPSEN INTERNATIONAL (France).

   Botox/Dysport injections are performed with very small atraumatic needle, thus the procedure is safe and painless.
   Duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes and its effect lasts from 4 to 8 months.
   The result of the procedure can be visible after 24-48 hours, but the final effect can be appreciated 7-14 days after the injection.
Side effects and contradictions
   Immediately after the treatment, the skin is slightly reddish and swollen. These effects disappear after about an hour.  
   The treatment must not be performed during the pregnancy and lactation, also in case of oncological diseases. 
Patient’s Status
   Right after the procedure a patients can safely return to their usual rhythm of life.

   In “Esthetic Service” all procedures are performed by certified doctors, dermato-cosmetologists.

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