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Plastic Surgery

The term “Rhinoplasty” comes from ancient Greek and is the union of two words: “rhinos”-“nose” + “plastikos” – “changing shape”.

A nose is an elevated visible part of a face and its ideal form is related to ethnic origin, esthetic proportions of face, skin type and age. Its form and shape determines individual characteristics of your face esthetic proportions and if you are not happy with this fact – you are not alone.  Every year thousands of people chooses rhinoplasty in the world in order to gain their confidence by changing the shape of the nose and /or improve nasal breathing.


When the nose surgery aims harmonization of middle face esthetic lines with face proportions, it is called aesthetic rhinoplasty and breathing recovery- Septoplasty.


In case of functional insufficiency reunification of these two aims into one intervention became a necessary procedure in modern plastic surgery and is called the aesthetic functional rhinoplasty.  Upper age limit of aesthetic rhinoplasty is unlimited. Bottom age limit ranges with respect to gender and preferably no less than 14 years old in case of girls.



During the first consultation your complaints, motivation, expectations and expected result is considered. At this consultation you will see rhinoplasty surgery photos before and after surgery.

Considering demand and the real capabilities, you will be introduced specific surgery details proposed especially for you. As well as you will receive comprehensive information about all of your questions.

Photo documenting will occur in standard views in order to study your facial proportions. You will be introduced preoperative and further recommendations.

When a surgery manipulation on a nose aims at improvement of breathing, this is reconstructive intervention and may be covered financially by an insurance company.    

It requires a detailed grounding of nose functional insufficiency, that the insurance company compensated you treatment in the form of co-payment.



Rhinoplasty is done with general anesthesia, which affects complete comfort of a patient and a doctor. An intervention is carried out through an open approach, by modeling  nose,  bone - cartilaginous pyramid. The most part of autopsy is held inside the nose, where they are overlooked.

Today, this technology is recognized by the world's leading plastic surgeons, because of its inherent advantages: less tissue trauma; exact intraoperative diagnosis; bleeding control; direct visualization; reliable sewing; minimal swelling and post-rehabilitation period.

Normally, open rhinoplasty requires approximately 2-3 hours. Medical intervention ends by putting protective fixator.


Postoperative period

You become active in two days and return back to normal life in 5-6 days. 

The first day is desirable to lie. (The first day you spend in the hospital) pain after rhinoplasty period is not typical, only discomfort and swelling of the eyes, but not in all cases.

During sleeping period put your head on 2 pillows. In the first days a small discharge from the nose is quite typical. At the 3rd day of surgery the swelling is reduced and will be removed in 2-3 weeks  together with the bruises. The fixator is removed in 5-6 days.

At the same time the threads are removed and soft elastic bandage is placed on the nose column for 5 days.

Observation of the healing process is carried out within 1 year and visits to the surgeon are appointed in the 1,2,3,6, and 12 months.


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