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Tourist Visa

You have to submit the following documents to travel for medical services:


•  filled application form(in English, Russian or Georgian);

•   certificate of a doctor ora medical institution issued locally,thatconfirmsthe patient's health status;
- in the case of transplantation: the consentof the relevant medical institution;

• document confirming residency in Georgia: proving the financial status for provision of accommodation or for hotel reservation;

•  financialassurancedocuments for the period of travelling: a referencefrom the bank of the visa applicant, the last3 months bank statement from the personalbankaccount of the applicant or,a third party(the financer) financialguarantees(reference from his/her workplace andthe last3monthsbank statement);

•       documents confirming the visa applicant’s profession or an office and position, the certificate of employment(companies registrationdocumentsforcompany managersandmerchants);

•           for minors  (under 18 ) need the consent of parents drawn up by an notary if they do not travel with their parents and the certificate of birth;

In the application must be written the country of destination and relevant dates;

•           thecertificateofinsurance +1copy

•           International passport, which shall be valid for at least three months longer than the end date of planned travelling. The passport must be issued within the last10yearsandmust containat least2freepages+1copy(or copies of thepreviously receivedvisasand theoldpassport are necessary);

•           Identification Card + 1 copy;

•           ticketreservation withcloseddate;

•           1 Photo;

•           the tax for studying documents (according to the exchange rate of the Embassy).